CubeField Online Game

CubeField flash game is a simple as abc 3D video game but extremely addictive graphics online. Use your LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to run your tiny gray vessel through a space full of cubes and dodge the oncoming blocks as far as it can be. The main mission is drive as far as possible and score the max points. As cubefield online game progress farther you will come across discrete darkened cubes and set in various designs. Cubefield is flash game which examines your reaction talents and make them stronger while you enjoy the cubefield online game. That can sound a little trivial but you will see that the game is challenging. Cubefield is a game without ending, that shows that you will fly until you crush into something on your way and one of the most important thing is the points you got for your try. The more points you get – the higher your rank in cubefield game will be.

Instructions to play: Keep in mind that, the speed of your ship progressively raises as you keep playing.